Available Products

How are we different than every other all natural product company?

Hairly Basic is an all natural product company for men and women that specializes in sensitivity. We work hard to make sure that our products won’t irritate your body while they repair and maintain your best features. To accomplish that difficult task, we set a few basic rules:

  • Our products must be gluten-free to maximize the usability of our products.
  • We absolutely do not test on animals, or use animal products – that means we’re vegan friendly.
  • We also avoid tree nut ingredients so we don’t exclude anyone who’s allergic to them.
  • Are you looking for kosher products? Most of our products are safe for most kosher lifestyles.
  • Lastly, all of our products are made with non-GMO ingredients.

We hope to be inclusive to nearly everyone with those requirements*… but we still aren’t sacrificing the performance of our products. You’ll be surprised to find that our products perform the same, if not better, than most store-bought options. We also try to keep our prices as low as possible to bridge the all natural budget gap. Chemicals are cheap; that’s why Clorox® eliminated the brand-wide all natural label when they bought Burt’s Bees® in 2007. Our products are truly all natural, and we intend to keep it that way.

As we grow and expand, you’ll find new products show up in our online store. Our goal is to produce at least one new product per month. That will hopefully allow us to have a full line of products within a year. We’re not just about beard oil; we want to give you a great, non-surfactant shampoo alternative and create the world’s best shaving cream. We’re ambitious… and we’ll get there. Keep checking the store or request a specific product. We’re hoping to add a voting system to better gauge customer interest in our future products. We’ll let you know when that’s live.

* If you find that you can’t use one of our products because of a specific ingredient, please get in touch with us, and we’ll work with you to change the formula as a special order. An additional charge may apply… but if we can create an alternative product based on demand, we absolutely will.